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Addressable Horn Sounders ZP755HA/HB

Developed for general area coverage, ZP755 HA and ZP755 HB have sound distribution characteristics suitable for matching the requirements of most open areas.

ZP755 HA is designed with dual front and rear sound paths, providing an ‘all around’ sound output - ideal for open area coverage. Whilst the ZP755 HB features a ‘forward directional’ output, making it effective in corridors, passageways and on escape routes. Installed directly onto and powered by the ZP wiring loop - ZP755 HA and HR enable the system designer to offer a complete ZP3 analogue addressable system on a single pair of wires. The units high efficiency acoustic design, together with a low energy, ‘sound gun’ transducer, enables combinations of up to 100 sensors and 85 sounders to be connected to a one kilometre loop of 1.5 mm2 cable. An optional first fix plate accepts all loop and screen wiring, prior to the sounder connection via a single pair of leads.

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